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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Able Danger on Fox News Sunday

Maid Marion says in the comments Wallace asked Rumsfeld about Able Danger.

UPDATE: The show is still on, but the interview was at the top of the hour. They have the transcript online, though. Here it is:

WALLACE: Well, so it's not just Washington. But let me ask you one last thing. And I have to say, a lot of people wanted me to ask you about this. Able Danger, an intelligence unit in the Pentagon -- did they or did they not identify Mohammed Atta and some of the other 9/11 hijackers in the year 2000?

RUMSFELD: There are people that said they did. The year 2000 or earlier? I don't remember when it was.

WALLACE: No, the year 2000.

RUMSFELD: Was it? I wasn't in government at the time, obviously.


RUMSFELD: But there are some people who say that that's the case. There are other people involved who say it isn't. And the people in the Pentagon, I'm told, have spent just enormous numbers of hours digging into everything they can find and giving it to the appropriate committees of the Congress, and they have not been able to validate it.

WALLACE: I don't understand why it's so complicated. I mean, people are -- I mean, it's a fact. Why wouldn't you, as the secretary of defense, your people underneath you, be able to find out?

RUMSFELD: They've looked and they -- you can't prove a negative. They've looked and looked and looked and looked and found everything they could find. Cannot find validation of that, which doesn't mean it didn't happen.

You say you don't understand why it can't be done. But you couldn't do it either. You can't prove a negative. All you can say is we've looked and looked and looked. We can't say it didn't happen, but we also don't have evidence that it did.

WALLACE: All right. Thank you.

Well, that definitely clears things up.... Or not. The obvious follow up would have been, "Then why won't you let them testify?" Or maybe Wallace could have gotten a copy of the letter Catherine Herridge had yesterday, with 248 signatures from Congress in both parties - asking Rumsfeld to allow public testimony on Able Danger - and brought that detail to Rumsfeld's attention.