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Monday, November 14, 2005

David Hawkins is not credible

I was going to ask Vi to reconsider that last post, but I think we can use it as an example. People like David Hawkins are more than willing to use the Able Danger story as a platform to shout about their own conspiracy theories regarding 9/11. In fact, I think there are only a few of those theories that Hawkins left out! He does not appear to actually know anything about Able Danger, however. On his "Canada Free Press" website, the bulk of his work regarding Able Danger consists of a story about two typos among forty occurences of the word "Able Danger" in the Congressional Record for a speech given by Curt Weldon. Let's see. Which is more likely? A typo on the part of the House stenographer. A typo many others - myself included - have made. Or a vast conspiracy involving said stenographer, Osama Bin Laden's half-brother, French banks, hijacking computer software, and secret Pentagon war games on 9/11. Hmm.

Jerry Doyle kept trying to bring up Able Danger, but it was clear Hawkins did not actually know very much about it, since he kept changing the subject back to one of his multiple, self-contradicting theories. I'm only suprised he did not bring up the "controlled demolition" or "non-commercial aircraft" conspiracies! Clearly, the lack of information breeds conspiracy theories. That is exactly what Rumsfeld and people like Ewing at the DIA want to achieve by supressing data about Able Danger. The more we listen to people like David Hawkins, the less anyone will listen to us.

Save yourself some time, and ignore people like David Hawkins. He is just an idiot:

Was there an intended Abel of Cain and Abel fame in the Able Danger Story?
By David Hawkins & Judi McLeod
Friday, October 21, 2005

Was it a typo or a boast in code from Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) arsenal when the word "Abel" somehow replaced "Able", as in Able Danger in the published text from Rep. Curt Weldon’s defense of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer on the House Floor yesterday?

Able was spelled Abel several times in the typed transcript from Weldon’s hour-long plea to Congressmen for a new probe into what he says is a "witch-hunt by defense officials against a September 11 intelligence whistleblower" (Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer).

Look at the transcript. It's mispelled twice out of forty times. So what?