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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lou Dobbs interview with Weldon tonight

Here's an excerpt from CNN earlier this evening:

DOBBS: Congressman, you are calling for a criminal investigation. Obviously, you're not going to receive a great deal of cooperation from the leadership, the Republican leadership in the House or the Senate.

You're a Republican, what kind of reaction are you getting as you go one on one with your fellow Congressman?

WELDON: Lou, the members of Congress want the facts to come out, both parties. I did a briefing this afternoon for members of Congress, we had dozens of their members and their staff show up.

And just within two hours Lou, today, I got 100 signatures. One hundred signatures from Republicans and Democrats across the country. Liberals and conservatives to Secretary Rumsfeld demanding that we allow these Able Danger military officers to testify in an open hearing.

On the East Coast at least, Lou Dobbs airs at 6 PM and then again at 4 AM. The full transcript is available at the link above.