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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Louis Freeh-Able Danger/WSJ: The Captain Weighs In

As I mentioned here, the Louis Freeh column today in The Wall Street Journal has gotten the Able Danger story plenty of attention. (The Able Danger blogroll has already posted links to 7 AD stories today with lots more yet to come I'm sure.)

Comments from Ed Morrissey:

"In sum, what did the 9/11 commissioners and their staff know about Able Danger and when did they know it?"

That used to be the primary question of Able Danger, but now that we have seen what the DIA has done to the primary whistleblower, the questions have to run deeper than the incompetence of the Omission Commission. The Defense Intelligence Agency stripped Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer of his clearances over a series of old and bogus charges relating to the use of pens and pads of paper from more than twenty years ago. That effectively ended his career in civilian intelligence work, although it doesn't affect his status in the Army Reserve. The DIA's attack on Shaffer on transparently stupid and baseless points of trivia shows that Able Danger has more than just the bureaucrats of the Commission worried. Why?

Freeh calls for the resumption of public hearings on the Able Danger program and its identification of terrorist cells by Congress as soon as possible. That probably means late January at the earliest if the Judiciary Committee takes the case as it promised earlier. We need to press Arlen Specter and Pat Leahy to fight the DIA and issue subpoenas if necessary. One man has already sacrificed his career for this effort, and that sacrifice should not pass unrewarded.