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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Press conference excerpts

UPDATE: Okay, that's the last of the excerpts. There are some more details I left out about meetings Weldon has had with different government officials regarding their investigations into this. I think I got most of the new information, though. This is from Weldon's press conference on Wednesday, the 9th. Here is one excerpt with new information:

It was Scott Phillpott who was debriefed by Dieter Snell, who buried the story and did not allow the 9/11 Commissioners to receive the facts of Able Danger. In fact, in talking to Scott Phillpott, he gave me a direct quote from Dieter Snell. Now remember, the Cognress in a bi-partisan vote established the Commission to get the facts about 9/11, and the facts obviously involved Al Qaeda and obviously involved Mohamed Atta. In September of - July - of '04 a Navy officer, Annapolis grad, voluntarily goes in to debrief the 9/11 Commission staff and he mentions that he will swear on his entire life career that he identified Mohamed Atta in January of 2000 and that his team had a chart with Mohamed Atta's name on it and face on it, but also that he saw that chart over and over again. It wasn't a one time glance.

And he also told Dieter Snell that they tried to transfer that information to the FBI. This was Dieter Snell's response. Quote. "What do you want us to do with this information? We go to print in ten days." End quote. Is that what the 9/11 Commission is about? We're going to print in ten days, and therefore arguably the most important story relative to the run-up to 9/11 is going to be buried by a staffer who never briefs the 9/11 Commission itself, and I have that verified by two of the Commissioners, John Lehman and Tim Roemer. And for the 9/11 Commission to come out and say that Able Danger one didn't exist and two was historically insignificant. It's absolutely outrageous.

Here is a second excerpt quoting Bob Johnson from Raytheon:

The Pentagon says we can't find any chart. The 9/11 Commission is banking their entire denial on not finding a chart. This is not about a chart. It's about an intelligence unit of highly trained experts that had collected 2.5 terabytes of data about Al Qaeda and five cells, but we have something new.

Within the last three weeks I've had an extensive meeting with Doctor Bob Johnson. Doctor Bob Johnson is Sam Johnson's son. Doctor Bob Johnson is a professor and IT expert. Doctor Bob Johnson was the manager and operator of the Garland Unit of data minging separate from the Army's LIWA. Doctor Bob Johnson has not talked to any of the Able Danger players since the efforts that were taking place in '99 and 2000 and Doctor Bob Johnson told me that his unit also identified Mohamed Atta, not by photo but by name, before 9/11. So now we have two separate data mining efforts of the military openly and willingly stating on the record that they identified Mohamed Atta before 9/11.

Interestingly enough, Doctor Bob Johnson has never been talked to because the 9/11 Commission did not use any of their eighty personnel to talk to Bob Johnson. They had no idea who Bob Johnson was or is. And neither has the Pentagon. His only discussions were from Raytheon management, he no longer works there, asking him what he knew. Never interviewed. Never had discussions. Yet Doctor Bob Johnson was fully aware of the entire Able Danger operation and supported it. His data was transferred back to SOCOM headquarters in Tampa, where it may still be intact. Contrary to what the Pentagon said in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee one month ago. A lawyer, an intelligence officer for the Pentagon, said that the reason the 2.5 terabytes of data was destroyed was because of a ninety day rule. You had to remove data and destroy it, if it possibly contained information about American persons not within ninety days and that was why it was destroyed. That's a lie.

Doctor Bob Johnson, when I met with him, just a few short weeks ago said Curt I watched the hearings and I sat there and I was amused. He said the lawyer for the Pentagon at the time was a guy named Richard Shiffrin. He said 'I dealt with him all the time.' He said 'Shiffrin knew what we were doing in Garland, Texas and Shiffrin said don't worry about the ninety day rule. If you want to keep the information, just sign a document but it in the file and you can keep it as long as you want.'

So now we have Doctor Bob Johnson, who ran the Garland data mining operation and who worked with Richard Shiffrin on a regular basis totally contradicting what the Pentagon said in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing one month ago. Doctor Bob Johnson told me the reason the Army wanted the material destroyed was because of a request that SOCOM had made to transferred that data down to Garland. The Army didn't want Garland to have it. And so within a matter of days they destroyed it. This whole story needs this country to scream and shout to investigate it. There are just too many unanswered questions.

Here is a third excerpt about 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick:

My chief of staff called me and I said, 'What does she want, I don't even know her, I never met her.' I said 'You call her back and see what she wants.' So he did. Well, she was on vacation in Boston and she said 'Please tell the Congressman it's urgent. I did nothing wrong.' It was Jamie Gorelick, who called my office, even though I'd made no accusations against her. Now, I've since found out, she personally called the Senate Judiciary Committee staff on two separate occassions and gave the same message, 'I did nothing wrong.'

Dieter Snell worked for, ah, Jamie Gorelick. Dieter Snell was the staffer who met and debriefed Scott Phillpott. It was Dieter Snell as a staffer who killed the Able Danger story from ever being publicly talked about. The American people deserve to have each of these individuals put under oath and questioned. This is not a third-rate burglary. This is a cover-up of the largest attack against our country. People don't want to be embarrassed. People don't want to have the facts come out. Well, that's not the way this country operates.

So today I met with the Inspector General's office for DoD, and as I said there were two other requests from both the Senate and the House for this investigation, which is now commencing. I talked to the head of the GAO last week. I'll be talking to him, and I've asked for a formal GAO investigation. And I am today asking for a criminal investigation. These witnesses, these military people, need to be allowed to tell their story. They have no agendas. Scott Phillpott in January will command, will take command, of one of our Destroyers. When you sit across the room, or across the table, and talk to Scott Phillpott, you understand what's at play here.

No 9/11 Commissioner has ever talked to Scott Phillpott. No 9/11 Commissioner has ever talked to Tony Shaffer. Slade Gorton ought to go get a life! Slade Gorton, who has made ridiculous assertions, has never talked to any of the principals of Able Danger. I know there's gonna be egg on the face of the 9/11 Commission. I know there's gonna be egg on the face of intelligence officials, and Clinton administration officials, and Bush administration officials, but the American people deserve to know what happened. 3,000 people were killed, including several of my friends. Ray Downey was the chief of all rescue for the New York City Fire Department, one of my best friends.

Here is a fourth excerpt about the infamous chart:

I delivered charts on Al Qaeda to Steve Hadley. The 9/11 Commission says, 'Well, there's a dispute, Steve Hadley doesn't remember getting the charts from Congressman Weldon.' Well, Steve Hadley shouldn't have said that because then as I have to do in this game of withholding certain information until I have people try to undermine me, Dan Burton started talking because Dan Burton was also at that meeting. Dan Burton back then was the chairman of the Government Operations Oversight Committee, and also at that meeting was Chris Shays. He was chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security for Government Ops.

So not Curt Weldon, but three members of Congress, sat in Steve Hadley's office and gave him the chart and Dan Burton testified to the New York Times that he actually showed the linkages on the chart to Steve Hadley. When the National Security Council staff liason talked to my chief of staff they said 'Oh, Steve Hadley's a friend of the Congressman, please don't go after Steve Hadley. The press misunderstood him. He didn't really say that Congressman.' I'm sick of it, folks. I'm sick of it.

A fifth excerpt about retaliation against Shaffer:

Remember, the 9/11 Commission never went out on their own asking for this information. They were told about it by Tony Shaffer in October of '03. They met with him. And, and I'm convinced, I'll be honest with you. There were four staffers there. I think at that very moment, two things happened. Staffers on the Commission knew where that story would lead and didn't want it to go forward. Second, DIA where Tony actually was working for back in Washington, was never told that he was briefing the 9/11 Commission. Tony went to his commanding officer. He was undercover, overseas working for General Bagby. He went to Bagby. He said 'Should I give them what I know about Able Danger?' and he said yes.

Because he never went to DIA, the DIA folks were outraged that he would tell the 9/11 Commission without telling them, what he had told the 9/11 Commission until after the fact. Now, we do know this. That after Tony briefed the staff, there was a request for information to the Pentagon and there was information sent over from the Pentagon to the Commission. They did not send all the information to the 9/11 Commission. I know because I talked to the person who delivered the materials. I've talked to that person, personally, and the uh, Inspector General today got that person's name.

So we know what was delivered. It wasn't all the Able Danger material. I'm convinced there were people in DIA that did not want that story to be told to the Commission intact. I think there were people within the 9/11 Commission who didn't want that story to be told intact. And so they ruined Tony Shaffer's career. So when he comes back from Afghanistan, he voluntarily tries to go in and brief Zelikow, and Zelikow says 'We don't need you.'

Why would you tell the guy who was involved in Able Danger you don't want to talk to him? Why wouldn't you say 'Yeah, we want to talk to you or anybody else. Can you tell us who else was involved?' They didn't want any of that. 'We don't need you any more.' So Tony goes back overseas. When he comes back in March, they pull his clearance because he transferred his phones on his cell phone and it cost sixty dollars to the tax payer. No, they didn't want him having access to the DIA headquarters where all the Able Danger materials had been.

A sixth excerpt quoting a DIA leader:

Last weekend in Florida, the Defense Intelligence Agency had it's annual meeting of defense attaches. So all of DIA's attaches from around the world were there. A senior leader of the Defense Intelligence Agency told the assembled DIA employees that one of their top priorities this year was to kill the Able Danger story. That's a direct quote from people who were in the meeting at the Defense Intelligence Agency workshop that took place a week ago in Tampa, Florida I believe it was. Is that right Russ? Tampa. And they were told their number one priority is not the intelligence for our security. It's to get rid of the Able Danger story. And that were the exact words they used in front of a number of people.

It's only a matter of time, this story's gonna come out. And I'm gonna continue to provide the information for these people to let you all help in this investigation. I can't believe the mainstream media turns its head and does nothing to investigate this. Yet, they worry about whatever her name is, Plume or something.

Finally, an excerpt about us and about Sandy Berger:

I've got 3,000 emails logged into my computer from all over the country, from a network that's absolutely, and that doesn't include phone calls and letters, probably 5,000 people that are part of an army that's gonna demand that we get answers. You know, I can't understand why the mainstream media just doesn't get it. I mean, again. This is not the coverup of a burglary. It's a coverup of the biggest story in the country's history.

Who knows, maybe what was stolen by ah, what's his face in the archives was a part of this material. The amazing thing is he only had his security clearance revoked for, for three years. What's his name, I forget? Sandy Berger. Here they've destroyed Tony Shaffer, taken his security clearance away forever, and Sandy Berger gets a slap on the wrist and 'Oh you'll get your security clearance back in three years.' And he admitted to stealing documents from the National Archives relative to information about 9/11.