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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shaffer's income and benefits were not stopped

UPDATE: Okay, I have more details now. Tony's lawyer Mark Zaid writes:

Tony Shaffer remains in full pay and benefit status with the DIA. Per order of the Director of DIA all potential or actual adverse personnel actions have been stayed pending the conclusion of the DoD OIG's investigation.

It sounds like the press release has outdated information. The OIG investigation must have postponed any such action. Here is the faulty press release.

From the Patrick Henry Center:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- As of November 30, 2005 Gary Aldrich, President of the Patrick Henry Center (PHC) has taken Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer of the Defense Intelligence Agency Operation Able Danger into the PHC WhistleBlower program. "We have agreed to help protect Shaffer," Aldrich explained.

"The Patrick Henry Center is helping Shaffer because he spoke up" (about government incompetence), Aldrich said. As a result of Shaffer asking the Federal 9/11 Commission to consider the Able Danger intelligence information on Mohamed Atta "his job and security clearance have been revoked," Aldrich observed.

Shaffer has been on forced administrative leave from the DIA, but on November 14, 2005 the DIA stopped paying income and benefits to him. Shaffer was formerly an undercover intelligence officer for the DIA. He chose to publicly disclose his identity in August of 2005 so, that he could address the misuse of the Able Danger intelligence gathered on the Brooklyn, New York cell of Al Qaeda before 9/11.

The Patrick Henry Center has hired Washington, DC attorney Michael A. Carvin to represent Shaffer as Congress continues to look into this situation. The WhistleBlower program is designed specifically to help people like Shaffer. "No Whistleblower should ever be worse off for telling the truth," Aldrich said.

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