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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Text of latest Weldon letter?

I'm not sure yet if this is the letter over 100 members of Congress have added their names to or not, but I imagine the text is very similar. Weldon sent this to the Judiciary Commitee on November 4, 2005. Here is how the letter ends:

I have made no accusations against any individual of criminal wrongdoing, but there are many questions that require answers.

LTC Anthony Shaffer, a principal witness and leader in ABLE DANGER, and notably a Bronze Star recipient, has had his career destroyed since he volunteered ABLE DANGER facts to the 9/11 Commission staff. What kind of signal do we send when a decorated intelligence officer has his career sabotaged as retribution for telling the truth?

The families of 3,000 souls lost on 9/11, and the families of 17 sailors lost on October 10, 2000, deserve answers. The American people demand answers. This is not a cover-up of a third-rate burglary where no one was personally injured or killed, this is possibly a cover-up of information and facts relevant to the largest attack against our great nation in its entire history. No one can be allowed to prevent this story from being told to the American people.

The 9/11 Commission did not do its job, did not complete its assignment, either through gross incompetence or deliberate omission. If the evidence were to point towards some sort of cover-up, the American people would be outraged beyond description.

In order to finish the work the 9/11 Commission left undone, either accidentally or intentionally, the ABLE DANGER principals must be allowed to be heard. Their free and frank testimony should no longer be blocked by the powers that be. I deeply appreciate the Senate Judiciary Committee's attempt to do what the 9/11 Commission should have done two years ago. Specifically, I want to thank Chairman Specter, Joe Biden, Chuck Grassley, Jon Kyl, and Jeff Sessions for personally attending the recent hearing on this matter. It is outrageous that DOD gagged witnesses who were all prepared to testify in open session. Apparently the Department of Defense does not share my deep respect for your Committee and its authority to serve the American people through effective oversight.


Member of Congress

From the Lou Dobbs transcript tonight:

WELDON: Lou, last week was the first day I circulated the letter. On the final day of the session, I got as you pointed out, 100 signatures.

We're going back into session in five minutes. I'll guarantee you by the close of your hour here, I'll have at least 125 names on this letter, if not more. And these are senior members of both parties, these are conservatives and liberals who want these people to be able to testify in open, before the Congress and before the American people.