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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Blogging will be light to non-existant through the weekend. In the mean time, leave a comment if you prefer the white background you see here or the shade of blue that used to be the background color for this text area. Enjoy the holiday. Then watch for the media coverage of Able Danger to start building up in the next few weeks. Not that I have any inside knowledge, but 246 Congress members trump a blog any day.

UPDATE: Right as I posted this I got an email from John at Weldon's office, confirming the 9/11 Commission's response to Freeh ran in the Wall Street Journal letters section yesterday, and offering this preview of what to watch for next week:

ABLE DANGER on Lou Dobbs next week...
Tim Roemer (Mon)
Curt Weldon (Tue)
Louis Freeh (Wed)