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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weldon letter is addressed to Rumsfeld

I just got off the phone with John, communications director for Congressman Weldon. He confirmed the letter is addressed to Rumsfeld, and to paraphrase, it asks him to allow for the members of the Able Danger team to testify in open hearings before Congress. It explains that they understand the concern Rumsfeld has is related to confidentiality of information, and they realize Rumsfeld does not question the oversight powers of the Congress. However they ask him to reconsider, and list a number or reasons to reconsider, such as those in the separate November 4, 2005 letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that I linked to in my previous post. John was going to email me a copy of the letter, but obviously this is a busy time so I'm not sure when that will be. I can also confirm they have more like 150 signatures from members of Congress, not just 125, and expect to get even more.