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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What is the Able Danger Blog?

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents agree. We just want to know the truth about what happened before September Eleventh. We don't accept the Pentagon's claim that discussing Able Danger now, four years after the fact, will somehow compromise our security. In fact, we think the opposite is true. Continuing to ignore what went wrong with Able Danger, and failing to learn the lessons of September Eleventh is a major risk to our national security. The only thing talking about Able Danger now could compromise are the careers of some Washington officials who don't want the full story to come out. We don't want to know all the top secret technical details of the sources and methods used. We only want to know what happened. What did Able Danger find out, why was it shut down, when was it shut down, and who made the decisions that led to its demise?

What's so "unhelpful" about that?

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Lee Rodgers, Hot Talk KSFO San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

RODGERS: Since we mentioned several days ago that we had a few minutes with you this morning, I have gotten more e-mails from listeners asking me to ask you one question, more than on any other subject. The question has to do with this Able Danger investigation, and why can't military people involved talk about it?

SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, they do and have talked about it. They've been up and testified before congressional committees and briefed people on a classified basis. What's been in the press is that some people feel that everything they say should be on an unclassified basis and the judgment apparently was made by the people involved that that would be unhelpful to our country. But in terms of talking to people about it, they've done it extensively.

The interesting thing about that is it's such an interesting story, of course it's something that occurred well before this Administration came in, back in the '90s as I understand it, and it's an interesting story.

The problem we've had is that our folks have spent a large amount of time trying to go in and look at all the records and see what they could find and haven't been able to validate it, which doesn't mean something wasn't so. It just means they've not been able to validate it.

The Department of Defense has provided literally volumes of information to multiple committees up there and if anyone else has any insights we're happy to open it up and go look somewhere else. But at some point if you can't find something, you can't find it.