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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blame Able Danger

I almost missed this one. Former 9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey going out of his way to bring up Able Danger on Paula Zahn, only to suggest what a distraction it has been from the effort to prevent another 9/11. You mean like Able Danger could have done, Bob?

ZAHN: Let's start off tonight talking about the sense of urgency. Today, Chairman Kean also said that -- quote -- "While the terrorists are learning and adapting, our government is still moving at a crawl."

Who do you blame for that?

KERREY: Well, I blame both the administration and Congress.

On the administration side -- I mean, Tom Kean laid it out very clearly. It is scandalous that our first-responders still can't talk to each other, scandalous that the terrorist watch list doesn't screen out every single terrorist that -- potential terrorist that is on our airlines. It is scandalous that we still spend the money without establishing what the priorities are.

The administration is fighting a battle to preserve the right to torture. And they are fighting Congress over that issue. And they are not fighting the Congress in trying to get the spectrum for our first-responders, trying to get a seamless communication system. And Congress, for its part, you got, like, Curt Weldon running around whacking the 9/11 Commission. It doesn't have -- we don't have any power left.

I would say to Mr. Weldon, if you are concerned about Able Danger, why don't you subpoena the Department of Defense? Why don't you subpoena Stephen Hadley? Instead, they are running around, you know, running their mouth, talking about how the 9/11 Commission didn't do everything it was supposed to do.

We -- we only had the subpoena power for 15 months.

Pop quiz.

Which of the following could have prevented 9/11:

A) More radio frequencies for first responders
B) Smarter local homeland security spending
C) Clearer guidelines about detainee torture
D) None of the above