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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Did Post-Impeachment Hypersensitivity Cause the Termination of Able Danger?

AJ Strata, again has an original, intriguing and thought provoking analysis based on information contained in today's Able Danger article by Shane Harris:

Not only did the Clinton panic destroy all the leads to Al Qaeda that had been developed at a key juncture in the 9-11 plot’s execution, it caused Able Danger to stand down for months as LIWA and Orion were replaced. This is the time Atta’s movements were lost...While I am happy to be correct in so much of my speculation, I have to admit to being depressed to think our leads to Al Qaeda in Germany, and the 9-11 plotters, was probably lost due to the Clinton administration being shell shocked from the impeachment process. As I pointed out here, had Atta and company been pursued, 9-11 would have, in all likelihood, been voided.

Mr. Strata makes a good, reasonable case.

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