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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I can tell them where to leap

Gary Gross writes, and I agree, except where he singles out Gorelick as the only reason Able Danger was stopped from sharing data with the FBI:

I just finished reading an AP article titled "9/11 Panel: U.S. Failing on Security Reform". The 9/11 Commission is expressing its displeasure with the administration's lack of progress in implementing the bureaucrat-laden 'reforms' that they've proposed. Here are some of the most aggravating quotes from the article:

"We're taking small steps when we need a giant leap," said former Democratic commissioner Timothy Roemer, who is now president of the Center for National Policy at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. "We're watching al-Qaida change and spread out like mercury on a mirror while our bureaucracies are still sometimes stuck in Cold War mentality and cultures."

Excuse me, Mr. Roemer, but would you explain to me why you and your fellow commissioners didn't even look into Able Danger, much less make their successes part of your recommendations? Would you explain why you're focused on how to respond to another terrorist attack instead of preventing another terrorist attack? It seems to me that the goal is to never experience another terrorist attack. Instead, your commission is focusing on first responders and cleaning up the messes that might've been prevented by examining the successes of Able Danger.

Added former Democratic commissioner Jamie Gorelick:

"No parent would be happy with this report card."

Ms. Gorelick, You're the 'ommissioner' with the least credibility of them all and that's saying something. If the American people knew that you built the wall that prevented Able Danger from sharing their findings with the FBI, you'd get a grade lower than F-. Your comments are silly at best and idiotic at worst. You deserve constant shaming for what you did and what you prevented.