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Friday, December 09, 2005

Still getting their stories straight

Rory O'Connor is hanging on to this story like a pit bull but DOD and DIA keep trying to shake him loose:

My quest began in September, when Hick’s predecessor, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Conway, told me DOD “had nothing” on Able Danger and my queries should instead be made directly to DIA.

But when I did so, DIA spokesmen Don Black and Commander Terrance Sutherland each subsequently said my questions should more properly be addressed to DOD. By the time I went back to DOD, LTC Conway had moved on, and Commander Hicks had taken his place. But Hicks was also unable to find any information. So he asked me, “Do you have any more info on this that can gain us some clarity on it and help define our search?”

It was hard to believe, I told him, that neither DOD nor DIA had any data on Able Danger, since “several DIA analyst and officials” had toured a secret Raytheon-run Able Danger facility in Garland, Texas “between approximately August 2000 and January 2001.

“Maybe you should query Art Zuelke, the DIA chief of the Transnational Warfare Group or his colleague, Cal Temple, who was sent down to find out how the project was working,” I suggested. “Or maybe try the National Reconnaissance Office, since even to enter the facility one had to have an additional NRO clearance.”

Despite the specifics, DOD remained somehow unable (or unwilling) to find any reference to Able Danger anywhere within its vaunted information systems.

Read the whole thing. It's hard to believe DOD could be so incompetent by accident.