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Thursday, January 19, 2006

9/11 conspiracy theorists

Not that public hearings would have stopped the tin foil hat crowd, but if anyone was hoping to spawn conspiracy theories by delaying public hearings, they succeeded.

From Judy Andreas:

Webster Griffin Tarpley is an activist, historian and expert on international terrorism. He is known for his famous book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography which he wrote in 1992 with Anton Chaikin. Mr. Tarpley's latest bombshell book, 9/11-Synthetic Terror- Made in the USA, was released in October of 2005 and has recently gone into a second printing. It is a brilliant book that explores the attacks of September 11, 2001 as an example of state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism that was carried out by a rogue network within the US government

A mesmerized crowd listened to Webster Tarpley's explanation of the roles of the "patsies" (Mohammed Atta, Osama Bin Ladin), "moles" (powerful people in the government) and "professionals" on 911. He said that this way of operating has been standard in the US for many years. The patsies, dupes, useful idiots and fanatics are the scapegoats. (like Lee Harvey Oswald) The government officials are loyal to a private network and have to make certain that nobody interferes with the patsies beforehand. The professional killers shoot and leave....

Tarpley's bold assertion is that "Able Danger" did not involve a group whose purpose was to "observe " Atta and his cohorts, but rather, it involved a group whose purpose was to "control" them. "Able Danger are the controllers," Tarpley stated. "They helped Atta get through the day....they gave him money ....they told him what to to behave."

Interestingly, to date Able Danger has not been allowed to testify and has managed to destroy their own records. Apparently, they have destroyed approximately 2.5 terabytes of data.