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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drafting Weldon for the Senate?

I'm not sure that a sophomore at Wharton writing in the Pennsylvania Independent qualifies as buzz, but here it is:

But a Featherman candidacy is not the only other alternative to Santorum. With two solid Republican candidates polling within striking distance of Governor Ed Rendell, it could make sense for either Steelers hall-of-fame receiver Lynn Swann or former lieutenant governor Bill Scranton to challenge Casey instead of beating each other up for the opportunity to face Rendell.

Other prominent Pennsylvania Republicans who might stand a better chance than Santorum include past governors Mark Schweiker and Tom Ridge or Representative Curt Weldon. Weldon gained national exposure for breaking the Able Danger cover-up story early last August.

So far, neither Republican gubernatorial candidate has publicly contemplated switching races nor have any of the other names voiced aspirations of running. Such a move is unlikely to occur as long as Santorum continues with his campaign. But come next November, this may be to Republican chagrin.

To be clear, I am sure Weldon fully support Santorum. I just thought that "Senator Weldon" had a nice ring to it. Couldn't pass that up.