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Friday, February 17, 2006

Absolutely Required Reading Assignment

AJ Strata's (the best Able Danger analyst in the blogosphere, alternative media or natch, MSM) lastest Able Danger hearing analysis (Part III) is up:
Holy Cow! Weldon has a signed affidavit from a witness that talked to one of Cambone’s staff recently and who said Cambone’s group was going to ‘kill this story’ and Shaffer had no credibility. The name is Butch Willard This is right after Cambone claimed no one was not trying to ‘bring the information forward’. If Weldon is right, Cambone just perjured himself and is in hot water now. The witness is an ex intelligence officer (woman). They moved all this to the closed session!
Don't fail to miss it, it's required after all.