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Friday, February 17, 2006

And taking names

From Anti Media:

While the press has been obsessing about Dick Cheney's hunting accident (grow up already why don't ya?), Tony Shaffer was naming names (pdf) and blowing the lid off the Able Danger story.

Here's just one example.

(U) As one of the reports in the press commented last year regarding this story, there are "bad guys" who were not held accountable for their failures. There were those who were fearful of what we were doing who played politics and shortchanged the nation in both their duty and loyalty to the country, and in the end they put their career ahead of doing the right thing.

(U) Mr. William Huntington, who was just promoted to serve as the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who after becoming the Deputy Director of HUMINT in the early 2001 timeframe passed the buck. When I attempted to brief him on the DORHAWK GALLEY project, to include information on the ABLE DANGER project that was to use specific portions of the ABLE DANGER methodology to sort through and separate U.S. Person information from Foreign Intelligence information, refused to hear the briefing, announcing that "I can't be here, I can't see this" as he left his office and refused to return to hear the information. By doing this, he could later fain ignorance of the project should it have been compromised to the public. It is my believe that he is an example of the cultural problem — senior bureaucrats who are more focused on their own career and having "plausible deniability" to never allow anything "controversial or risky" to "touch them". It is of greave concern that Mr. Huntington is the one who is behind the troubling coincidence regarding my security clearance being suspended in March of 2004, just after reporting to my DIA chain of command (to include Mr. Huntington) of my contact with the 9-11 commission, and my offer to share the ABLE DANGER information to the 9-11 commission. I would question the judgment of DIA's leadership to offer Mr. Huntington up as its "expert" on ABLE DANGER based on his earlier refusal to deal with this issue in 2001. Further, I have direct knowledge of two officers — one a senior DoD civilian, the other a senior active duty military officer — both former members of Defense HUMINT — that Mr. Huntington directed them to lie to congress to conceal the true scope and nature of problems with Defense HUMINT. Both refused his directive to lie and are no longer members of Defense HUMINT. Mr. Huntington's conduct speaks for itself.

You don't get any more direct than that. Shaffer obviously feels he has nothing to lose at this point, so he's willing to name names and expose high level leadership that, in his view, was derelict in their duties.