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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Audio clips from today's hearing

Vi is posting audio from the hearing here, for those who missed it. The first file includes the opening remarks of Weldon and Shaffer on Able Danger. Shaffer was trying to fit a lot into his statement. Overall, there was not a lot new today for those who have been following the Able Danger story, but it was still important for Shaffer to finally get to testify publicly and explain the need for an independent body to investigate retaliation against national security whistleblowers like him.

Several of the other witnesses kept saying "I agree with the Lt. Col." which was interesting. Not sure if Shaffer's wife was at the hearing, but I hope they are enjoying a happier Valentine's Day today, now that he's been able to publicly deny the ugliest of the false rumors spread against him by some nameless bureaucrat.