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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bloggers talk with Congressman Weldon

Although he had only planned on staying for an hour, Congressman Weldon stayed well past that to talk with our group of bloggers tonight. We have all been following the Able Danger story, and owe what media coverage Able Danger has gotten to Weldon, so we had plenty to ask him about. On the phone were myself, Curt of Flopping Aces, Vi Adkins, AJ Strata, Rory O'Connor, Dreadpundit Bluto, Pierre Legrand, and Dana of Common Sense Political Thought. We hope to have some audio clips available for you by tomorrow, but in the mean time I can tell you we got a lot of new details about the China study, and several new scoops on the Able Danger story in general. AJ covers a lot of it here, but there was a lot more, too. Check all the other sites for more details, as well. I've got some other work to do, so I won't be posting in more detail until tomorrow. I have to say though, the call went even better than I had hoped.