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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Public testimony in hearing cut off

CORRECTION: I'm hearing it was Zelikow, not Cambone, who originally said he had to leave at 6pm. I should not have jumped to the conclusion that it was Cambone. It was not. I've replaced the name Cambone with Zelikow below. The rest of the text is unchanged.

Chairman Saxton has cut short testimony in the open session because Zelikow said he had a critical appointment at the White House at 6pm so they wanted to start the closed session earlier. The three witnesses will have to complete their testimony in closed session, off the public record. Weldon protested that the session should re-opened after Zelikow testifies, but Saxton denied the request.

UPDATE: Zelikow just said he can wait, but it sounds like they only got another ten minutes as a result. Then they are going to closed session.

Public testimony ended at 5:50pm. According to Vi's live blog of the hearing, the first panel, where Cambone was the only witness called to testify, lasted from 2:50pm to 4:38pm. The second panel, with the three other witnesses, lasted from from 4:39pm to 5:49pm. Cambone got one hour and forty-eight minutes, while the others got one hour and ten minutes. In addition to Vi's blog, which provides an in-depth running summary, a streaming audio recording of the hearing is available here.