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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shaffer vs Zelikow?

If you're wonder what interview Weldon was referring to when he mentioned that Zelikow now denies even meeting Shaffer, despite the fact that Shaffer still has the business card that Zelikow personally gave to him, here it is - complete with a helpful photoshopped graphic:

Kerrey said Commission members had asked Zelikow to describe his meetings in Afghanistan and that Zelikow had submitted a derailed written explanation of what happened.

“Basically, [Zelikow] says he has no recollection of being told about [Able Danger] and, had he had been told about it, he certainly would have brought it to the attention of the Commission members,” said Kerrey. “I think the majority of the Commission members, myself included, believe Phil Zelikow. We believe he’s telling the truth. But, I don’t have the basis to resolve the conflict between these two men. Congress does.”

Kerrey said he supports Zelikow’s current posture of refusing to answer the media’s questions about Able Danger.

“I think he’s doing the right thing by not responding. He can’t constructively engage in this debate unless Congress establishes an environment in which the debate can lead to an answer,” said Kerrey. “One of these guys is telling the truth and we can ascertain who’s telling the truth only if the House Armed Services Committee [hears their testimony.]

UPDATE: Here's the best part:

Why wouldn’t Philip Zelikow have answered any of the press inquiries -- including my own -- to speak on this subject?

Because it can only lead him to a position where he’s basically debating another individual, and it’s going to be a “He said, She said,” kind of encounter. They’re not saying they have a disagreement with him [Zelikow], they’re attacking him.

I think he’s doing the right thing by not responding.

You see, Shaffer is attacking Zelikow! Poor, courageous, tormented, Philip! Not only has he had to steadfastly avoid responding to these ridiculous charges. He has also had to put up with being promoted to a top post at the State Department, not having his security clearance revoked, not having higher-ups try to fire him from his job, and not having vicious rumours and lies spread behind his back by unaccountable, spineless bureaucrats!