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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shaffer's written testimony is must read material

I strongly recommend everyone reads it, if you have not started already. Here is one brief excerpt:

If we are to win this war on terrorism, and hope to preclude the next 9-11 type attack - an attack that many experts fear wil be one that utilizes a weapon of mass destruction such as chemical, biological or nuclear - it is my judgment that we must examine and make sure that the bureaucratic and policy problems that hobbled ABLE DANGER effort have been fixed.

From my experience, to date, the problems have not been fixed as the officers and culture that existed before 9-11, and permitted the ABLE DANGER project to fail, are still in place today.

There is no incentive for the bureaucrats to change - and instead of embracing change, and being accountable to their actions, they obfuscate and inveigle and hide their own failures. In my specific instance, DIA has been allowed by DoD to make an "example" of me to try and intimidate the others from coming forward by spending what we now estimate $2 million in an effort to discredit and malign me by creating false allegations, and using these false allegations to justify revocation of my Top Secret security clearance. How can it be that we, as a country at war, have such officers in the government who are more concerned about suppressing the truth than winning the war? How many sets of body armor, or enhanced protection for military vehicles in Iraq or Afghanistan would $2 million buy?