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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spitzer covers for Snell

While he refused to appear in public and speak on the record, at least Zelikow showed up. Snell asked his boss, Eliot Spitzer, to get him out of it - and he did:

State GOP chairman Stephen Minarik yesterday blasted Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for preventing one of his top aides from testifying at a congressional hearing on pre-Sept. 11 intelligence failures, calling him a "horrible hypocrite" on national-security issues....

"Mr. Spitzer must have a feeble memory or is just a horrible hypocrite," Minarik said. "How else can anyone explain Mr. Spitzer shielding a top aide, who formerly served as an investigator with the 9/11 commission, from assisting our nation's efforts to improve our security at home and abroad."

A spokesman for Spitzer said Minarik was "misinformed and way off base as usual."

Spitzer's office claimed Snell had already provided information to congressional staffers about his involvement with the Able Danger probe.