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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stay tuned

Several of us Able Danger Bloggers will be reconvening on Dirk Thompson's radio show, 610 AM WTVN in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday night. The station has free streaming audio, too. The show runs from 6pm to 9pm and our segment is planned for the 8pm to 9pm hour. Interestingly, 610 AM can probably be heard in Dayton, where Tony finished high school, attended college and first joined the National Guard in the 80s. Here are the details, in Dirk's own words:

The show is from 6pm - 9pm. Tonight during the entire 8 o'clock hour I'll be hosting a "Radio Roundtable" with a select group of bloggers on the topic of Able Danger. Invited to participate and share their insight and knowledge on the Able Danger coverup are:

Mike from AbleDangerBlog
Rory from Media is a Plural
Capt Ed from CaptainsQuartersBlog

Should be a great discussion!

Thanks again Dirk, for putting this together.

UPDATE: Dirk provided the audio from the show, broken into five MP3 files to match the five segments of the program. Here they are: First Segment | Second Segment | Third Segment | Fourth Segment | Fifth Segment

The show went great. Dirk definitely knew his stuff about Able Danger. I wasn't as nervous on live radio as I thought. Still not sure I want to hear what I sounded like. Yet the audio clips are there now, so you can let me know what you think.

One thing I need to correct. On the program, I referred to JD Smith as a "retired Indian police officer" which I read on Page 15 of Tony Shaffer's written testimony, but it turns out that was a typo Tony made. It should read "Indiana" not "Indian".