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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weldon on Lou Dobbs tomorrow

UPDATE: Weldon was not interviewed by Dobbs tonight. They had a video clip from his news conference. In the clip, Weldon basically said, "I am not gonna sit still until we know the facts about Able Danger." He asked why there has been retaliation against those simply trying to tell the truth about Able Danger and said he wanted answers. I'll post the transcript from CNN later tonight.

Lou then mentioned some of the other things Weldon discussed at the press conference. First the fact that Able Danger data still exists, and according to Dobbs, ATTA'S NAME SURFACED THIRTEEN TIMES WITHIN THE EXISTING DATA. This is a major revelation if it is true - and if Dobbs did not just get the quote wrong. Not only does this data still exist, but it apparently clearly identifies Mohamed Atta. I don't know how you can get more proof than that of what Able Danger accomplished. Still trying to get a transcript from the press conference for confirmation, though.

Anyway, here is the schedule for the rest of the week on Lou Dobbs:

Wednesday - Interview with Curt Weldon.
Thursday - Interview with Tim Roemer.
Friday - Interview with Peter Lance.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript, and yes, the data still exists:

Congressman Curt Weldon promised today that this week's Able Danger hearings on Capitol Hill will answer many important questions about pre-9/11 intelligence failures. The Congressman says these hearings will prove there's been a massive cover-up about Able Danger intelligence that some say could have well prevented 9/11.


REP. CURT WELDON (R), PENNSYLVANIA: I am not going to sit still until we have the facts and the true information about what we knew before 9/11. And why is there this effort to silence these people? Why have there been intimidating threats made when people want to simply tell truth?


DOBBS: Among those scheduled to testify tomorrow, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, the officer who brought the Able Danger controversy to national attention. Erik Kleinsmith, a former U.S. Army major, who says he was ordered to destroy Able Danger data.

Congressman Weldon said today that all Able Danger intelligence was not destroyed and says the name of 9/11 mastermind Mohamed Atta surfaced 13 times in pre-9/11 intelligence data that still exists. This broadcast will have complete coverage and analysis of the hearings tomorrow. Congressman Weldon will be our guest here as well.

Former 9/11 commissioner member Tim Roemer joins me Thursday. And Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Peter Lance, who's written extensively on Able Danger, joins us here Friday.