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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An email from Peter Lance

I emailed him about the unclassified testimony at the closed session of the hearing, and he gave me permission to post his reply:


I had heard about the exchange at the hearing but not in such detail. Do you have a transcript of the public session? If so, please forward it.

My dealings with Jacob L. "Jay" Boesen came as I was pursuing the story of FDNY Fire Marshal Ronnie Bucca in 2002 and early 2003.

Boesen knew and worked with Ronnie at DIAC (the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center at Bolling AFB in D.C.) when Bucca was tasked there by his Army Reserve unit.

I had hours and hours of discussions with Boesen over many months.

He personally sent me the hard copy of his link chart (below).

It shows a DIRECT link (as of August 10, 1999) between al Qaeda (bin Laden) and the Brooklyn/New York cell of blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (OAR) and Ramzi Yousef. I published it in both 1000 YEARS FOR REVENGE and COVER UP, I felt that it was so significant.

As you know my central thesis is that Yousef, the original WTC bomber was the primary architect of the 9/11 plot and that both attacks on the WTC were directly funded and tightly controlled by al Qaeda.

You don't NEED Atta's picture to prove the al Qaeda/Sheikh Omar/Yousef link if you have that chart, prepared by Boesen just four months before the Able Danger data mining operation is said to have commenced.

You have my permission to use it on your site:

As you know, according to Curt Weldon, Boesen went on to do many, if not most of the Able Danger link charts.

Further, I have a booklet on al Qaeda that he co-wrote with Dr. Preisser in 2002. It's a little known monograph that he autographed for me.

I tried for weeks to reach Boesen after Cong. Weldon broke the Able Danger story in August. On the eve of the Specter Hearing in Sept. Boesen's son told me that his father couldn't talk to me because his "company" forbade him too, since I was a member of "the press."

Boesen's position is that the alleged Atta picture was really that of another Egyptian (Mohammed Atef) --

But even if that's true, it in no way invalidates the strength of the al Qaeda/OAR/Yousef ties uncovered by the A.D. unit at Fort Belvoir and its successor in Garland, Texas.

My new book TRIPLE CROSS will document even more links between both attacks on the WTC (1993 and 9/11)

My findings, once and for all, will decimate the falacious allegation by the 9/11 Commission (per Dietrich Snell) that the origin of the "planes as missiles" plot was Afghanistan in 1996 and that KSM was merely a freelancer at the time; not affilidated with al Qaeda.

In contrast, I've proven that was the plot began in Manila in 1994 with Ramzi Yousef as its principal architect.

Yousef,a criminal genius whom other al Qaeda operatives referred to as "The Great One," designed the "planes operation." His uncle KSM merely carried it out after Ramzi's capture on February 7th, 1995 in Islamabad --

At that takedown, KSM was in a downstairs room at the Su Casa Guesthouse, a bin Laden NGO-controlled rest stop for jihadis.

But, as I've documented in both books, he hung around long enough after the Yousef seizure to comment on it. He even disclosed his own name to a stringer for TIME and the L.A. Times.

Nonetheless, KSM was missed by FBI agent Bradley Garrett who got to the guest house late. He escaped and went on to carry out his nephew's deadly plan on Sept. 11th 2001.

That incredible "miss" was the first of two opportunities the FBI had to capture KSM prior to 1996. In both cases they blew it.

I'll have more on the second incident in TRIPLE CROSS.

My sense now is that re: the Able Danger scandal, the fix is in.

Efforts have been made to discredit Cong Weldon on multiple fronts and silence other key witnesses. The House Hearing you refer to was a disgrace and clearly intended by DOD to placate critics in the House.

It's up to reporters like you and your readers to keep this issue alive and I applaud your work.

You have my permission to use this "post" in its entirety.


Peter Lance

UPDATE: I added a scanned copy of the chart in question. The online version was not very readable, but you can make out most of this copy.