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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Second slide on Able Providence

Captain Ed has the second in his series of exclusive posts on the Able Providence effort. Once the entire slide presentation is available, we will post it here on Able Danger Blog. From Ed:

The program itself is not classified, but also has not received much attention, especially in light of the treatment afforded to the Able Danger team members who have fought to have their successes recognized and repeated. Able Providence appears to be the program that they have desired, and the with the funding now in place, the datamining should soon commence as soon as their team forms.

One improvement over the experiment of Able Danger is a recognition of the enemy being targeted. AD had been a toss of the dice to determine whether the datamining concept could succeed in identifying potential targets. Now that the model has been proved, the focus of the data being mined can narrow towards the Islamofascists....