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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two months versus a few hours

Able Danger Blog is hearing that while it took two months for the House Armed Services Committee and the Department of Defense to finally get the written questions Cynthia McKinney submitted for the record to Lt. Col. Shaffer, they wanted him to respond the same day they gave him the questions! In fact, if he did not reply the same day, they said they would add a footnote to the official record of the hearing to state that the witness did not respond to McKinney's questions!

Welcome to Able Danger, proving 2006 is 1984 more and more each day.

UPDATE: Erik Kleinsmith or someone using his name, left the following:

Please check your story here. I received my questions from Cynthia McKinney on or about 16 March with a return date requested by 10 April. I did not talk to LTC Shaffer, but can only assume that his questions were dated the same day.

Erik, you are correct on the approximate date of the letter from the HASC, over a month after the hearing. Unfortunately, the problem is that it was sent to the Pentagon and they never passed it to Shaffer until the day the reply was required! For those who are wondering, my understanding is that Shaffer did answer all the questions, but took a few days past the deadline so he could provide a detailed, accurate response.