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Saturday, April 01, 2006

What does it all mean?

Good summary from No Such Blog:

It would seem that the "rest of the story" about Able Danger is starting to come out.

"The rest of the story" is the connection between the 9/11 plot and "Operation Bojinka", which was an initiative to hijack several aircraft over the Pacific in 1995, and the connections between Ramzi Yousef and one of the 9/11 Commission Staffers.

"Bojinka" was the brainchild of master terrorist (and nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) Ramzi Yousef. I have written about Yousef before, discussing the various conspiracy theories about Yousef's connections to both Iraq and the Oklahoma City bombing. Yousef was captured in the Philippines in 1995 after he had a little accident while making bombs in a Manila apartment. He was subsequently extradited to the US and incarcerated in New York.

I knew, but hadn't blogged, about the odd story of Ramzi Yousef's relationship there with a jailed New York mobster named Gregory Scarpa, Jr.

Scarpa, while incarcerated in the same facility, made friends with Yousef and received all sorts of extraordinary information from him - information which he passed to the FBI in an effort to reduce his own sentence. Among the tidbits in Scarpa's account was a claim by Yousef that al Qaeda was responsible for the Khobar Towers bombing (the US gov't credits "Saudi Hizballah with support from Iran") and a claim that Yousef had warned various people to "stay away from TWA aircraft" on July 18, 1996. (The crash of TWA 800, which was officially ruled an accident, was on July 17, 1996.)

...So then Able Danger comes along. The Able Danger team had information (about the presence of al Qaeda terrorists in the United States) which contradicted the timeline in the 9/11 Commission's narrative, but fit in a lot better with Ramzi Yousef's story.

And Dieter Snell was the guy who made sure Able Danger was left out of the Commission's report.