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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Able Danger Blogging

The discovery of 9,500 pages of material on Able Danger - or more precisely the admission that this material still exists - has gotten quite a bit of attention around the blogosphere. In the Able Danger Blogroll, Vi Adkins points out a few.

Captain Ed:

That news should stun those who have been following the Able Danger story for the past year. The official story has had all documentation being destroyed in a particularly aggressive form of housekeeping that took place after Col. Tony Shaffer revealed the existence of the program to the 9/11 Commission. The missing documentation proves, according to Shaffer, that the intelligence community identified Mohammed Atta and the other members of the core 9/11 cell prior to the attacks as potential al-Qaeda agents.

The assertion that 9500 pages of evidence still exists at the Pentagon will no doubt surprise members of Congress that received little from their investigations into the program. Hopefully this will pique their curiosity once more....

AJ Strata:

I wonder if this will kick off another round of congressional hearings? Able Danger fell off the radar screen because of some deal behind the scenes. I still maintain the Able Danger story should be exposed, not to understand our intel capabilities, but to understand if some high level political appointee was able to shut down our national security efforts because some information was too uncomfortable. That still worries me that politics can trump security.

Daily Pundit:

A surprise? Certainly not. The Beltway establishment has and will do anything it thinks it needs to to protect itself.

Anti Media:

You've got to be kidding me.... the only way I know to describe this news.

....Surprise is an understatement. This is ridiculous. We have public testimony of DoD officials insisting the documents were destroyed, and now they claim there's more than 9500!

If the leaders of this country gave a damn about us, this would be front page news and there would be multiple investigations going on. As it is, we get platitudes and lies.

Just Barking Mad:

The 9/11 Commission claimed these documents were missing or destroyed. I knew the commission was a sham from the beginning, but this only highlights how big of a sham it really was.

News Max:

In a possibly related development, the Web site reported that the attorneys for the secret team members, who disclosed the existence of Able Danger, have argued in a new court filing that they be "cleared” to review such files.

Lt. Col. Shaffer, one of those secret team members, said he had no comment on either the newly disclosed existence of the 9,500 pages of Able Danger documents - or even on his attorneys’ court filings, without clearance from his superiors at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Meanwhile, Rep. Curt Weldon, R-a., the salient investigator of the Able Danger case, has announced that he plans to continue his investigation regarding official claims that the top-secret spying unit’s data was destroyed.