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Monday, August 21, 2006

What National Geographic is afraid to air

From Peter Lance's August 17th press release. An excerpt from his June 19th letter to National Geographic:

In the fascinating case, Dana Ewell, the 21 year old heir to an eight million dollar fortune -- with malice aforethought -- hired a hitman to shoot his parents and 24 year old sister in cold blood. Special Agent Zent was the key alibi witness. His daughter Monica was Ewell’s financé and received almost $40,000 after the murders from Ewell whom the FSO proved with an iron-tight case of forensic and eyewitness testimony engineered the murders labeled Fresno’s “crime of the decade.”

The evidence showed that not only Zent interfered and possibly obstruct the investigation, but six years after the crimes he testified as a character witness for Dana, prompting the lead detective to tell me that Zent was “absolutely the worst possible FBI agent to be monitoring a terrorist like Ali Mohamed.”

...I also discovered a key May 8th, 1995 letter from Ellen Corcella, a prosecutor in the EDNY disclosing eight separate instances where SSA R. Lindley DeVecchio had given FBI intelligence to mob killer Gregory Scarpa Sr. and that this unholy alliance between the G-man and the hit man may have explained why the Feds of the NYO and SDNY buried a treasure trove of al Qaeda related evidence in 1996 at a crucial time when they were purportedly trying to connect the dots on Ali Mohamed.

This letter was prima facie evidence from the Feds own files that totally undermined James Kallstrom, former ADIC of the FBI’s NYO who claimed in a 4/10/96 memo to Louis Freeh that there was “insufficient evidence” to form a prosecutive opinion on DeVecchio and pushed for the DeVecchio OPR to be shut down.

...Three weeks ago I uncovered a link chart dated 3.21.00 sent to me by Jacob L. Boesen, the principal builder of link charts for Operation Able Danger. With a picture of Ali Mohamed smack dab in the middle of a box outlining bin Laden’s inner circle which included Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mohammed Atef, Mohammed Khalifa and Wadih-El-Hage, the chart was proof of why the U.S. Army went along with an order a week later in April 2000 to destroy 2.5 terabytes of data uncovered by Able Danger analysts.

The data vindicated my research in 1000 YEARS and COVER UP and showed a DIRECT LINK between al Qaeda’s inner circle (which included Ali M) and the New York cell of blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman as well as the Yousef–KSM Manila cell.

...All three of these stunning findings which I uncovered during the month of May related DIRECTLY to the Ali Mohamed story that was the basis of my new book. All three of them should have been in the latest draft of the script.


As the treatment you bought reflects, TRIPLE CROSS has always been about two issues a) what Ali Mohamed did to deceive three U.S. intelligence agencies and b) how he was able to deceive them, particularly the FBI.

To tell the Ali Mohamed story while not telling the full and accurate story of the stunning series of missteps by the NYO and SDNY, the two bin Laden “offices of origin,” would be to do a disservice not only to your viewers, but to the American people and it would further breach your commitment to me to accurately reflect my book TRIPLE CROSS in your documentary.