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Friday, September 08, 2006

Barbara Bodine rears her head

If Barbara Bodine is opposed to "Path to 9/11" they must have gotten something right. From Jane at Armies of Liberation:

During her congressional testimony in 2000 on the subject of the Cole, Bodine spoke in glowing terms of regime’s cooperation, however the FBI was frustrated in its investigative efforts. So to paraphrase the words of her boss, I guess it all depends of what “hostile” means. I appreciate the value of working with Yemen and not “seeing it as the enemy,” but lets be realistic as we do so.

The Yemeni government did not blow up the Cole and kill 17 US sailors. But there are circumstantial indications that some few individuals associated with the regime at various levels had some knowledge or complicity both before and after the attack. The investigation was neither thorough nor complete. Warning were issued by both Able Danger and Kie Fallis at DIA prior to the bombing that were never forwarded. These topics may be more taboo with some in the USG than they are in Yemen.

These issues were completely ignored by the both the congressional investigation into the Cole and the 9/11 commission report. The commission got the information late they say, after the book was already going to print. Senator Werner’s suggestion to reopen the investigation to reexamine the decisions of the Commander Lippold, the ships commander, is off the mark. Several areas of the Cole bombing should be reexamined and none of them have to do with Lippold. The way in which the FBI’s Cole investigation was stymied to a greater or lesser degree, under her watch, is an appropriate subject for the CBS documentary.

Ms. Bodne’s goal of “honor those killed by finding those guilty,” has not been fulfilled when several Cole bombers have been found time and time again and yet are free today. This is no “myth.” Its an outrage.

You can read what Bodine has to say here, but I'm not going to bother quoting her.