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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Man the Left Wants to Beat

From Ken Timmerman:

The Clintonistas hate Curt Weldon for exposing their total disregard of our national security. But they fear him the most because of Able Danger.

Able Danger was an experimental data mining operation run by the Land Information Warfare Assessment Center (LIWAC) in Fort Belvoir, not far from the Pentagon.

It was part of an experimental program in the late 1990s to collect intelligence on terrorist networks and on illicit Chinese high-technology procurement efforts from open source material.

And that is why the program became such a threat, Weldon believes. "The database included information on Chinese procurement in the United States and the Clinton people didn't want this coming out, because there were a ton of Clinton names in there," he told me.

And on orders from Clinton-era Pentagon officials, that data was destroyed in April 2000, without a backup.

As I reported last week, the Clinton folks and Weldon's opponent are crowing over a recent Pentagon Inspector General report that appears to conclude that the 2.5 terabytes of data contained nothing of significance, and that no political pressure was applied on the Able Danger team members to keep their findings quiet and not to meet with the FBI.

A close reading of the report, however, shows that those conclusions were ambiguous. Weldon accused the IG of having "cherry-picked testimony from key witnesses in an effort to minimize the historical importance of the Able Danger effort."

Following the leak of the IG report - given to the press before it was shared with Weldon, who had requested it - an anti-Weldon website accused him of "wild claims and rants" and called Weldon's pursuit of Able Danger "desparate [sic] fantasies."

Take a look at a list of donors to Weldon's opponent. Is there any surprise that among them can be found Madeleine Albright, former NSC advisors Sandy Berger and Tony Lake, former White House political director John Podesta and former CIA director John Deutch, not to mention Hillary Clinton's Political Action committee?

Who do you think made the decisions that authorized the auctioning of America┬╣s military secrets to Communist China during the 1990s?

Real watchdogs of the national interest are rare in Congress. Curt Weldon is one of them.