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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Too Close to Clinton for Comfort?

For over a year, Congressman Weldon tried unsuccessfully to get Pentagon officials to forensically go through old hard drives to look for remnants of critical pre-9/11 intelligence on Mohamed Atta from the Able Danger program. Despite two different Congressional hearings and a DOD IG investigation, NOT ONE OF THE RELEVANT HARD DRIVES WAS EVER EXAMINED FORENSICALLY for remnants of this critical data. Now, in an effort to kick Weldon out of office, the FBI has leaked word of an investigation into Weldon's daughter which spurred agents to execute search warrants simply because the investigation was revealed, regardless of whether it has merit or not. The most ironic thing of all is that those FBI agents will be using the same forensic techniques to look for deleted files on the hard drive of Curt's daughter to investigate how her lobbying firm did lobbying work for it's clients. The feds couldn't spare a single forensic examiner to look for critical pre-9/11 intelligence on Mohamed Atta, but three weeks before the election, they have time to look through the hard drive of Weldon's daughter? This would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Vi Adkins writes:

Rush Limbaugh mentioned Rep. Weldon on his radio show yesterday and today. He remarked (paraphrasing here) that it looks like Curt Weldon got too close to the truth on Able Danger.

This quote from the Sestak campaign site is worth repeating:

“I will not make a single stop in this campaign season that means more to me than this one — not one,” Clinton told a crowd of nearly 900 at a rally for Joseph Sestak at Valley Forge Military Academy.

Of course with Bill he might mean, "I'll make more than one", but I digress.