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Thursday, November 02, 2006

"AP Runs DNC Dirty Tricks Propaganda"

From AJ Strata:

The liberal news media needs to be dismantled. Now they are openly running DNC opposition research by trying to tie Curt Weldon to Slobodan Milosevic! This article is worse than the “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon” game in its thin connections:

A daughter of Rep. Curt Weldon did public relations work for a Serbian family with ties to an alleged war criminal and tried to help one member get a visa to visit the U.S., a newspaper reported Thursday.

Got that? Weldon’s daugther (not Weldon) did PR work for a Serbian Family (not Milosevic or his family). The family she worked for had ties to someone else (not Milosevic and without any evidence Ms Weldon knew about all this when she did the work). Ms Weldon tried to get one family member a Visa to visit the US - though we don’t know the relationship of the member wanting to visit with the member(s) who had ties to some ‘alleged’ war criminal. This is pure, unadulterated rumor mongering mascarading as news. AP should have its press credentials pulled for this crap. More tenous and stretched connections:

A State Department cable shows that Karen Weldon tried to help the wife of Serbian tycoon Bogoljub Karic get a visa to visit Florida, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The department - noting the request came from a congressman’s daughter - opposed the visa and cited Karic’s alleged links to “terrorist activities.”

Clearly Ms Weldon had no information on this connection. Why? Because the work was in 2004 and the news about possible problems came out in 2006:

In March 2003, Karen Weldon’s firm received a $20,000-a.m.onth contract from the Karic family foundation to burnish the Karics’ image and help them establish a “Serbia House” in Washington. The Karics were once referred to as “the Rockefellers of Serbia.”

Bogoljub Karic was charged in February with embezzling Serbian state funds and now is missing. State Department officials said they could not comment on whether Milanka Karic received the visa she sought.

The real question is who in the FBI leaked this information? My guess it is someone who helped close down the Able Danger contacts between SOCOM and the FBI. Someone is definitely trying to get some payback on Weldon. And the only thing he really shook up was the fact that DoD, and possibly DoJ lawyers (Gorelick), were involved in possible illegal destruction of information on terrorists and military secrets being leaked to China. Recall that the Able Danger data purge was in response to connections between Clinton Administration names and China’s access to our military secrets. The Able Danger purge was an incidental victim of a panicked attempt to cover up the find. So I am not surprised there is an FBI leaker to the AP. What I am surprised is the AP is obliging this revenge game so common in DC.