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Friday, November 10, 2006

Now the good news

Just heard from Peter Lance who launched his redesigned website this morning. Triple Cross will be in stores November 21st. Here is the new book cover.

Among other things, the site includes a new chart produced by Jay Boesen while he was employed at Orion with JD Smith working on the Able Danger project. This new chart shows that DIA knew Ali Mohamed was a member of Bin Laden's inner circle as early at March 2000. It also shows they knew Ramzi Yousef was directly connected to Al Qaeda and that two of Bin Laden's closest advisors were connected to Abouhalima and the Brooklyn cell of Al Qaeda that pulled off the 1993 WTC bombing. The best part about this chart? It is completely unclassified and based upon open source information. Ha! If they found all this about Ali Mohamed, image what they could have found out about Mohamed Atta if the program had not run into so many roadblocks along the way.