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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The book the Ex-Feds don't want you to read

This is great, Peter Lance posts his rebuttal of Larry Johnson's latest spin on the Huffington Post, even before Johnson posts it on the site. Of course, if Johnson was not recycling his posts all over the net that might be harder to do. From Google News:

Peter Lance's Flawed Triple Cross
Huffington Post, NY - 4 hours ago

Triple Cross: the Book the Ex-Feds Don't Want You to Read
Huffington Post, NY - 5 hours ago

We discussed Larry's post yesterday. Here's an excerpt from Lance:

On Sunday, less than two weeks after publication, Triple Cross, my third investigative book on the failure of the FBI and Justice Department on the road to 9/11 hit #4 on's terrorism best seller's list. But the book's initial success is causing a pair of ex-Feds to see red. In my Friday blog for The Huffington Post, I noted how Andrew C. McCarthy, a former Asst. U.S. Attorney in the Southern District, had drafted a review of the book for The N.Y. Post.

Since the book had questioned McCarthy for failing to stop al Qaeda's master spy Ali Mohamed, a "review" by him in any paper, particularly Rupert Murdoch's flagship U.S. tabloid would have been the equivalent of Donald Rumsfeld critiquing State of Denial. Ultimately, The Post killed the piece, but one prominent reviewer who had raved about Triple Cross e-mailed me to report that McCarthy had called him to denigrate the book.

Any author has to expect that kind of reaction from a controversial book. But now Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA analyst who worked counterterrorism at State is papering the internet with attacks, not just on my findings, but my credibility as a reporter. Johnson was also criticized in Triple Cross. He's an interested party who felt stung by the book and normally I wouldn't respond to him. But on Wednesday, respected journalist Amy Goodman quoted one of his erroneous allegations during her interview with me on Democracy Now!. This blog is intended to set the record straight.