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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ready, Aim, Hit the "Enter" Key

Sorry for the light posting lately, but I haven't had much to report on the Able Danger front for a while.

Here's an interesting piece from Haft of the Spear by Michael Tanji:

The significance of this story:

The U.S. military has been quietly developing capabilities to attack enemy computer networks, including hacking into terrorist Web sites, military officials and experts say.

The move comes as al-Qaida and other groups fighting in Iraq and elsewhere have expanded their activities on the Internet and increased the sophistication and volume of their videos and messages. Much of the material is designed to raise money and recruit fighters for Iraq.

"You should not let them operate uncontested" on the Internet and elsewhere in cyberspace, said Marine Brig. Gen. John Davis, who heads a military command at the National Security Agency. The command was established to develop capabilities to attack computer networks.

Is severely impacted by this one:

Congress publicly registered its impatience with the management of the National Security Agency yesterday as lawmakers criticized the agency's new multibillion-dollar effort to identify, track and analyze emerging threats in cyberspace.

Dubbed "Turbulence," the signature initiative of the NSA director, Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander, is experiencing "management deficiencies" just 18 months after it was launched....

Turbulence is a loose collection of at least nine programs designed to give the NSA the ability to continuously patrol global communications networks. The Sun revealed the existence of Turbulence and outlined its management problems earlier this year.

“Professionalization” programs and shake-and-bake Hopkins and Maryland degrees not working out so well then?

These items highlight key parts of a much larger piece on IO that I hope to finish up soon. In the interim you just need to understand that our cyber war capabilities are divvied up between STRATCOM (umbrella), NSA (offense) and the JTF-GNO (defense). Kind of hard to engage with and destroy the enemy (story one) if you can’t see what you are aiming at or trust that the targets provided are not friendlies (story two).