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Saturday, April 07, 2007

No response on probe into Weldon leak

Interesting development from the Gonzales USAO fiasco.

Dear Attorney General Gonzales:

At our last oversight hearing with you on January 18, 2007, you apologized for the tardiness with which you had provided written responses to questions that had been outstanding for six months. Regrettably, the Committee has yet to receive answers from the written questions sent to you in connection with that January 18th hearing. We are approaching three months since the last hearing, yet you and the Department seem to be repeating the practice of not responding in a timely manner. Instead, if you respond at all, you do so only as a hearing appearance approaches. Although the Committee was informed weeks ago to expect your answers to our questions on a rolling basis, we have yet to receive a single answer. Please ensure that the Committee receives your answers to the oversight questions from the January 18th hearing without further delay.

Among the questions he was asked back in January:

Gonzales also said in January that he would try to provide the senators with more information on a variety of topics, including an investigation into leaks from an FBI probe concerning former Pennsylvania Republican Curt Weldon, whether Congress has the authority to prevent the president from increasing troop levels in Iraq, the ways in which the department was sharing gun trace data with state and local law enforcement agencies, the number of prosecutors and investigators assigned to dealing with contracting fraud in Iraq, and details on the case of the Canadian extraordinary rendition victim Maher Arar.