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Monday, September 10, 2007

Lance risks $250K to criticize Cyrus Nowrasteh

You can read a summary here in a separate Raw Story article, but Peter Lance is going on the record about "The Path to 9/11" in response to the recent interview the LA Times did with Cyrus Nowrasteh. Apparently, ABC and "The Path to 9/11" finally paid Peter $250K for rights to "1000 Years For Revenge" but then ignored or contradicted a great deal of what he wrote:

Finally, after months of negotiating with ABC, Larry Stein called me in December of 2005 to say that my former network had agreed to pay a settlement of $250,000.00 to acquire the mini-series rights to 1000 Years For Revenge.

But the deal contained a “non-disparagement” clause and gag order. In order to keep me from telling the real truth behind their distortion of my work, ABC would hold off paying me the final $50K until a month after The Path to 9/11 aired.

Though properly credits my book as one of the three source works for the mini-series, ABC’s website mentions only The Cell and Sam Katz’s book Relentless Pursuit which ABC was to forced to buy after I informed Katz that Cyrus had lifted “Relentless” for his coverage of the Yousef arrest.

Until now I’ve been silent about all of this, but given Nowrasteh’s allegations, it’s time the full truth came out....

As the author of one of the three books on which The Path was based, I’m now weighing in – despite a gag order - to suggest that ABC may have other reasons for shelving Nowrasteh’s Clinton bash; a mini-series that virtually blames 9/11 on the ex-President’s failures to get bin Laden, yet gives a pass to Bush 41 for failing to stop the first World Trade Center bombing and Bush 43 for “The Day Of;” arguably the greatest defense failure in US history.

How do I know this? First because my book 1000 Years For Revenge, was one of the three works on which ABC based the mini. They acquired it for a quarter of a million dollars in 2005 under threat of litigation, after they’d lost the book in a bidding war with NBC.

Nowrasteh then proceeded to launder most of my critical findings on negligence by the FBI and the two Bush administrations and give Path a twisted pro-Bureau slant through the eyes of ex-ABC News correspondent John Miller, who now works as Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the FBI.

Of course, "The Path to 9/11" does not mention Able Danger either, but who does? If we're on the subject of the FBI, I'm still wondering what happened to Catcher's Mitt?

As for the op-ed, you might recall a similar issue arose with "Triple Cross" when National Geographic deciding not to put Peter's toughest criticism of the Feds in their film, either. See the rest of his piece for more details on "The Path to 9/11" from Peter.