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Thursday, January 22, 2009

9-11 Commission Memo from Shaffer interview

Released last week by the National Archives. Thanks to Scott Malone for the link. Obviously, the first officer mentioned is LTC Tony Shaffer.

Interviewee: Defense HUMINT Service Officers: [REDACTED]
Date: October 21, 2003
Location: Bagram Base, Afghanistan
Participants: Zelikow, Scheid, Hurley, Cors
Drafted by: Kevin Scheid
Reviewed by:
Additional Info: This interview of three officers working related intelligence issues took place at Bagram Base.

[REDACTED] started the conversation with a detailed conversation about information he had prior to 9-11 on the activities of al Qai'da in Afghanistan. He referred to a specific program in the Defense Department that is now closed: "ABLE DANGER." He suggested that we get the file on the program and review it. There is a lot of information about al Qai'da and UBL prior to the attacks.

Further, [REDACTED] indicated that he had been working an asset that had a network of collectors in Afghanistan prior to 9-11, but this asset's contract was terminated at the direction of Congress, particularly the House Intelligence Committee. (Not complete)

[REDACTED] had a very different responsibility prior to 9-11: He received intelligence from the field and developed plans for the Pentagon. This was interesting to the Commission because of our efforts to gain access to the plans the Pentagon had on the books prior to 9-11. These plans were shelved. CIA had the lead. (Not Complete)

[REDACTED] worked the Cole investigation for the military. He did the after action report to see if they had missed anything. [REDACTED] was tasked to find out who committed the attack, links to al Qai'da. He worked with others who had developed connections between various al Qai'da members - as many as a thousand different players. They hadn't recognized what they had at the time. This information should still be available. (Not Complete)