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Monday, September 28, 2009

Able Danger discussed on C-SPAN this morning

A reader writes:

A friend of mine called me, very early this morning, 28 September, and said that on Washington Journal, "Able Danger" and Anthony Shaffer's name was mentioned. I checked your blog, but didn't see anything....Apparently William Cohen, Frm. Defense Sec. for President Clinton, was the one being interviewed....You might want to check it out...She mentioned that when he was asked if he had heard of "Able Danger", he said he thought he had. Then they ask if he knew Anthony Shaffer, and he said he did not....My friend said that, when the question was asked about Able Danger, Cohen, sounded like he knew more than he was willing to talk about...

UPDATE: Here is the link. Thanks Sue. From the 1 hour 19 minute mark:

CALLER: Sir, I would be hard put to find you feign ignorance to what I'm about to say and ask you. I would like to know what you know and what you could clarify about Able Danger. This was a Top Secret intelligence agency, Army intelligence, that had long ago infiltrated and had information on Al Qaeda. LTC Anthony Shaffer among dozens of other intelligence officers had given sworn testimony to the Senate that they had information on Al Qaeda and the members of Al Qaeda and their plans to attack on 9/11.

HOST: Senator, any awareness of what he's talking about?

COHEN: I'm vaguely aware of the program but I'm not really in possession of the information at this point to respond to him.

Unfortunately the caller jumped the shark over knowledge of plans to attack on 9/11, so they cut him off and didn't take his question seriously.