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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

State of Play?

I haven't seen the movie, State of Play, but maybe I should.

From Phil Heron at the Delco Times:

Ben Affleck plays the troubled congressman. At one point as Crowe digs deeper and deeper into the security company’s business, it’s clear he’s rubbing some powerful people the wrong way.

The kicker comes in a confrontation with someone who knows the inner workings of the company.

I almost spit out my popcorn when I heard it. In fact I rewound the DVD just to be sure I had heard it correctly. Then I went online to research the movie.

This is basically what the guy said: “Do you really think they are going to let some congressman from the 7th District in Pennsylvania do this?”

I kid you not.

Now did we not once have a congressman in this district who knew a lot about the workings of security companies, who likely ruffled a lot of feathers in D.C. with some of his foreign policy beliefs?

Among the many things that Curt Weldon did in his 20 years in Washington was become an expert in many areas of foreign relations. Not all of those beliefs made him especially popular, even within his own party.

Anyone remember “Able Danger?”

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. Why exactly would the makers of the movie decided to make their character from the 7th District of Pennsylvania?

I have no idea. Maybe it was a coincidence.

If so, they certainly got my attention.